Nejpohodlněji the dopravíte to the country by air. From Europe, the flights to Dar es Salami and then you can go to local service (~ 55 USD). In Tanzania, you need a visa and cost $ 50. It can be purchased at the airport.

Otherwise, most people opt for travel from Dar es Salami ships. Ferry is from 20 - 45 USD depending on the type of ship. It is also necessary to calculate the departure from Zanzibar, with a $ 5 fee for entry into the port.

Throughout the island you can travel by minibus (dalla-dallas). You can rent a car, scooter and bicycle. Due to the size of the island may be reasonable money or cars to travel by taxi (the city $ 1 - $ 2; one ride anywhere outside the city $ 20 - $ 35). From Stone Town to the various destinations throughout the island runs a small bus, which can be reserved in the hotel - the price agreement.

For the brave there is also the way dhow.

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