The presence of drobnotvarých (mikrolitických) stone tools shows that people settle Zanzibar archipelago before 20 000 years ago.

In the 10th century the Arabs island settle here and built a thriving republic, which was involved in world trade between Arabia, India and Africa. Rozkvétalo capital city of Stone Town (Zanzibar City) on the island of Unguja, as it offered a well-protected and defensible port. From there, the Arabs take the journey to the east coast of Africa and in its interior.

When in 1499 landed on the island of Vasco da Gama, and found there a beautiful city, in which pulsed trade with India and China long. In 1503 the Portuguese settled the island and gradually took over here. Muslim population was still majority.

Over time, the Portuguese in East Africa lost influence, which tried to use mainly German and English.

Part-based sultanátu Zanzibar in 1856 was Tanganika coasts. In the eighties of the 19th century in the territory of today's mainland Tanzania (Tanganika) tried to attached the Germans. To get them, and in 1884 succeeded the Tanganika became part of German East Africa. On the basis of agreements with Germany, England from 1890 to Zanzibar became a British protectorate. In 1896 there broke out British-Zanzibar War, which entered into history as the shortest war world - lasted only 38 minutes.
After the First World War was the mandate entrusted to Tanganika Zanzibar and Great Britain. This situation remained until 1961 when it was declared a separate republic Tanganika, which had dominion statute. In 1962 came into force in accordance with the Constitution which became Tanganika an independent member of the Commonwealth. Zanzibar to Tanganice joined and created today's Tanzania. Zanzibar retains the status of autonomous region.

The wealth of the island grew from trade. Dealt with a slave (up to 50 thousand a year), ivory and spices, particularly cloves. Recently spices was the renown of the island in the world.



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