Used monetary unit is the Tanzanian shilling (1 TSH = 100 cents). Shall be paid by all and everything. The hotels or hostels can also pay the U.S. dollar.
You can change money in the bank, exchange office, where the hotel reception. Not accept the dollar banknotes issued before 1993. A better course is on the mainland, so if you go by ship from Dar es Salami definitely use it!
Czech crown nesměníte anywhere!
Count also that not all credit card, you can use it in several ATMs, hotels and tourist resorts.
Count because of this situation and take with you adequate cash in the Tanzanian šilincích dollars or euros in exceptional cases. Especially outside the Stone Town is the ability to shift very difficult.
Traveler's checks rather leave at home - going to change very bad, and only in luxury hotels and several banks.

Enough cash is therefore necessary to always have with you. For travelers with batůžky this situation requires a certain caution and avoid the risky behavior - no night stay on the beach or pottering port with more money without them.

Examples of prices:
water table 1.5 liter = 2100 TZS
tin Coca Cola = 800 TZS
bread = 250 TZS
beer 0.5 l = 2000 TZS
salad, soup in a restaurant usual = 300 TZS
main meal in the restaurant = from the current 1500 - 2000 TZS
chicken with french fries from 1000 = TZS.

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