Beautiful beaches can be found at Unguje almost everywhere. Yet there is a TOP between the beaches. For the most beautiful beaches are considered the island to the east, which extends from south to north. Coast is protected from this korálovými reefs and white sand korálovým. During the December-February on the beach can be algae, which are used by the local population. Algae are dried and sold to Europe to prepare meals. Although the beaches are very popular, not good transport links. On the journey north by bus takes about 1.5 hours, on the eastern beach about one hour.

For the best beaches are considered

Matemwe - white sand, interesting villages in the vicinity of the beach

Pongwe - inhabitant beach with crystal water

Jambiani - nejtyrkysovatější water in the world

Bwejuu - palm beach

Kendwa / Nungui - a wide beach with white sand where you can swim very well, because there are few reefs

Fuji Beach - the beach to the west of the island city Bububu is popular mainly thanks to the vicinity of Zanzibar City

Selection of the bathing place is for you, it depends on what you want. If you like the nightlife, we recommend a beach in the north and east of the island. Peace, however, look to the south island.



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