Accommodation can be found in every major city and seaside resort. Yet at the time the main season (we do), and during festivals, it is necessary to ensure the accommodation in advance. Everything is usually hopelessly sold out!

Can accommodate from 10 USD, but the quality is not just for a European standard. Usually at that price you get only a bed and roof over your head.

Good housing starts to about 30 - $ 50. Then you have the room, not only television, but also its own shower and fan (or air conditioning). It is often also included breakfast. Some hotels have a dining room on the roof, which is truly magical. With the rising price of course quality.

The resorts hotels also think the Budget travelers, and is always on the premises of a public house. Price has not offered services, but again you are close to beaches and nightlife.

Prices ends around 300 USD per day.

Demand always room with mosquito nets. Even for cheaper accommodation, you can use Vault. Not always have room durable locks.

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