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Zanzibar is the collective name for more than 20 islands off the East coast of Tanzania. Top Zanzibar Islands are the southern and the northern island of Unguja island Pemba. Throughout the archipelago is about 621 thousand inhabitants.

The origin of the island of Unguja is very interesting. Derived from ancient river and its delta lying between today's rivers and Rufia Ruvu. Continental movements of the drops occurred in the Delta and then to separate Unguji. The geological structure, therefore, we find the island sediments of different origin. Mainly dominated by limestone. For young rock dominated the coral skeleton, which is also limestone. Nejvyším peak of the island is Masingini to the height of 120 m above sea level

Vegetation is wooded with the exception of a few parts in the interior of the field and converted to plantations. On the coast of mangrove grow. On the island is only a small domestic animals and fauna, fishing for the largest animal of the island - Madagascar leopard. The largest forest is the total Jozani Forest.

The islands are situated autonomous Zanzibar State, which forms the mainland part of Tanzania State. The capital of the archipelago are Zanzibar Zanzibar City. The main economic activity is growing State Raffia palms, spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper) and a rapidly-developing tourism.

Palm groves


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