Stone Town is the oldest place of Zanzibar City. It is basically a whole heart Unguji. You will find beautiful architecture, which entails not only the Arab influence, but also African, European and Indian. Stone Town is characterized by the narrow streets - Papas

Houses have a square floor plan with two to three floors. Each room is located in Wall Street and opening to the internal courtyard through the terraces. The lower floors are various shops and workshops.

Yet the most famous architectural element of the Stone Town doors - wooden doors decorated with carving. Those are really old maintained around five hundred. The houses were built first, and always symbolized the power and status of the owner of the house. Oldest doors have square shape, are inspired by India later in the upper part of the door is shaped to the arc. A common element designerským Koran extracts and natural ornaments.

In addition to door in Stone sports should not miss the Zanzibar National Museum of History & Culture in the famous house of miracles (Beit el Ajaib) built in 1883 Sultan Barghashem; Old Fort - Fortress built sometimes around 1700 Hamamni Persian Baths - the first public baths in Zanzibar ; area Shangani and Forodhani Gardens - a pleasant garden by the sea, where the evening is presented courageous young men jumping into the water from the city.

Orientation in the Stone Town is a complex tangle streets. Some help in the orientation is to recognize that in the west lies the sea and to the east is a very wide street Creek Road, which clearly separates the new from the old town. Then you should not lose.
Only the area around the port is not considered to be safe!

Old Arab door

Doors with Indian influence

Old Customs House

View from the house of miracles

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